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Prophetic Destinies
Transforming Communities
Transforming People

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Our vision

Our mission is to raise leaders for global impact, enriching people to become influencers in their families, workplaces, and the world. We seek to restore and release the potential in individuals by connecting them to God, exposing them to the hope and limitless potential they have in Jesus Christ. Our vision is to raise an army of young people finding their purpose in life and being radical for Christ. We aim to impact our communities by providing support for the needy and less privileged. In building a church, we aspire to create a place where the lost, oppressed, and neglected will find love, forgiveness, healing, hope, and deliverance. Our church is a multicultural and multinational gathering where everyone belongs and finds their unique expression. With the goal of reaching the nations, we aim to establish a network of churches across the Americas, Europe, and Africa, utilizing traditional and new media to spread the message. Together, we strive to make a difference globally.

Our mission

To develop fully functioning
followers of Christ and to release them into their prophetic destinies, transforming communities

Our Core Values

  •  Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Commitment
  • Hardwork
  • Discipline
  • Discipleship
  • Loyalty
  • Honour


Prayer Temple (London)

Branch name: Mercylife Church, Prayer Temple
Location: London
Contact: +44 7904 050712

Grace Temple (Liverpool)

Branch name: Mercylife Church,Grace Temple
Location: Liverpool
Contact: +44 7762 147613

Dominion Temple, Dallas

Branch name: Mercylife Church, Dominion Temple
Location: Dallas-Texas
Contact: +1 (214) 284-3423

Liberation Temple (Virginia)

Branch name: Mercylife Church, Liberation Temple
Location: Virginia
Contact: +1 (571) 443-9601

Breakthrough Temple (East Legon)

Branch name: Mercylife Church, Breakthrough Temple
Location: East Legon
Contact: 0242084988

Hosanna Temple (Dansoman)

Branch name: Hosanna Temple
Location: Dansoman
Contact: (+233) 266361099

Miracle Temple (Kasoa)

Branch name: Miracle Temple
Location: Kasoa
Contact: +233 24 449 1121

Victory Temple (Kumasi)

Branch name: Victory Temple
Location: Kumasi
Contact: +233 24 477 7212

Praise Temple (Assin Fosu)

Branch name: Praise Temple
Location: Assin Fosu
Contact:024 352 9225

Power Temple (Techiman)

Branch name: Power Temple
Location: Techiman
Contact: 050 652 4685

Kharis Temple (Sunyani)

Branch name: Kharis Temple
Location: Sunyani
Contact: +233 24 758 0857

Light Temple (North London)

Branch name: Light Temple
Location: North London 

MLC Campus Connect

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  • Favour Temple (UPSA)
  • Favour Temple (KNUST)
  • Favour Temple (Legon)
  • Favour Temple (Obuasi)

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